Indigenous Relations Consulting

Indigenous Relations Consulting is an important aspect of an organization’s diversity and inclusion policy. It is becoming a vital service to organizations or businesses. This is true in Alberta, Canada, and any area that has an indigenous population that was oppressed by colonization. The main things an Indigenous Relations Consultant does are help make your organization an ally or Indigenous sensitive, help you connect with First Nations or Indigenous organizations, and help you improve projects on traditional territories. Doing these things may generate Indigenous connections and increase Indigenous market share.

Is your company or organization missing out on contracts and opportunities because you don’t have current relations with Indigenous people, Indigenous businesses, Indigenous organizations, or Indigenous Governments? Are you thinking it’s time to improve your company image to help expand your business or organization? Read below to find out more!

Indigenous Sensitive

We can help transform your organization into an Indigenous ally that is sensitive or friendly to indigenous people. There are many quick changes that can instantly improve your organization at no or low cost. Although, an Indigenous Relations Consultant can help you implement these things correctly to avoid common pitfalls.

  • General Allyship Information
  • Training and Workshops
  • Policy Updates

Connect with Indigenous Organizations

Making that proper first connection with Indigenous organizations or businesses could be hard if you don’t understand aspects of privilege, power, and protocols. Proper Indigenous relations and connections are very important in Alberta and Canada. Sometimes no Indigenous relations could mean the loss of a valuable contract. The resource industries like oil, gas, mining, and forestry could be drastically affected by no or bad relations with First Nations and Indigenous organizations.

  • Traditional Cultural Protocols
  • Relationship Building
  • Branding & Social Media Updates
  • Marketing Updates

Improve Projects on Traditional Territories

If your organization wants to start a project on traditional indigenous territories then it is advised that you work with an Indigenous Relations Consultant from the start. The last thing you want is a project rejected or stalled when you could have better designed the project from the start. This process of Indigenous Consultation in Alberta and Canada does not have to be a major roadblock with the help of an Indigenous Relations Consultant.

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