Indigenous Relations Consulting

Indigenous Relations can improve your internal work environment and external image. We help make your organization an ally and sensitive to First Nations or Indigenous organizations and people.

Top Reasons for Indigenous Relations

  • Get more contracts on traditional lands.
  • Beat out other companies for Indigenous contracts.
  • Improve company image within Indigenous communities.
  • Create and improve direct relations with Indigenous groups.
  • Improve internal work environment and culture with anti-racist, equity, diversity, and inclusion training.
  • Become compliant with current Indigenous policy, calls to action, legislation, treaties, and declarations.

What Can We Do For Your Organization?

  • Identify needs and issues – meetings with managers/owners and employees
  • Present “KAIROS Blanket Exercise”
  • Present “Allyship” Workshop via Zoom
  • Present “United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples” workshop via Zoom
  • Present “Exploring the Treaties” workshop via Zoom
  • Update company strategic and operations plans
  • Update HR and diversity & inclusion policies as needed
  • Advise you on updates needed for marketing, advertising, and meetings
  • Create an action plan for Indigenous community outreach
  • Create an action plan for future Indigenous relations
  • Monthly unlimited e-mail questions for owners/managers
  • Follow-up meeting after six months and one year


If you’re interested we’ll follow the outline below:

  • You set up a free needs assessment at bottom of this page.
  • Together we have the free needs assessment.
  • We will prepare an individual proposal based on your needs.
  • Again we will meet to present, discuss, and update the proposal as needed.
  • When the proposal is approved we will send you a service agreement to sign.
  • You make the first investment payment for this project.
  • Then we start work as outlined in the proposal!

Schedule An Indigenous Relations Needs Assessment

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