Indigenous Relations Consulting

Indigenous Relations is the process of improving your organization’s internal and external policies and systems so it can better relate to and work with Indigenous people, Indigenous businesses, Indigenous organizations, and Indigenous governments. Educating your team is a major first step in this process.

Time to Shine as an Indigenous Ally!

Become the best when it comes to working with Indigenous people and organizations. Become a local hero by hiring more Indigenous people, supporting Indigenous groups, and respecting Indigenous culture or lands. Your business or organization will become something that you can truly be proud of! It’s time to do great things!

Multiple Your Profits!

It’s time to start winning more (or all) of the Indigenous contracts and business in your area. Increase profits by winning more Indigenous contracts. No need to spend money to expand into completely different regions. You can multiple your business and profits by dominating Indigenous contracts and market share in your area!

Business Failing?

Are you frustrated and mad for losing Indigenous contracts and bids? Why is the competition winning all the Indigenous contracts in your area? It’s time to get ahead on your Indigenous Relations and beating out the competition. Start prospering again! You can show everyone that you’re the best! You deserve to be respected and recognized as a business leader!

“…I’ll make you famous!”

– Emilio Estevez as “Billy the Kid” in the movie “Young Guns”

Stop Working So Hard!

Winning Indigenous contracts and market share shouldn’t be this hard! Work smarter not harder! Proper Indigenous Relations support you can put your business on easy street so you can start living.

Become Number 92 Compliant

Number 92 Compliant Business and Reconciliation badge with a Tee Pee & Maple Leaf logo for Truth and Reconciliation.

Has your Canadian business completed the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) of Canada Call to Action number 92?

The government of Canada is working on the TRC 94 Calls to Action that apply to them but there are many that don’t apply to the government. Number 92 “Business and Reconciliation” is the responsibility of each individual business in Canada. Others may apply depending on your industry.

Indigenous Relations Professional

My name is Ian Hopfe, I’m an Indigenous Relations Consultant, and member of the Bigstone Cree Nation in Northern Alberta.

  • I have lived experience as an Indigenous person in Alberta and Canada.
  • I have a Bachelor of Management Degree in Human Resources and Labour Relations from the University of Lethbridge.
  • I have a Human Resources Management Certificate from Grant McEwan University.
  • I have my CPHR Candidate designation from CPHR Alberta (Certified Professional in Human Resources).
  • I have experience in the financial, construction, non-profit, and small business sectors.
  • I have over 10 years of management and HR experience!

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