Editorial Policy

All content posted on LittleBlueHouse.ca follows our standardized editorial rules below.

  • Content is written by humans that are experts in their fields or topics.
  • An HR professional with real-world experience reviews human resources content.
  • Indigenous relations content is reviewed by an IR professional who is Indigenous and has lived experience.
  • All content is checked with Grammarly for spelling and grammar errors.
  • Content is not directly copied from other websites and is checked with the Gramerly Plagiarism checker.
  • Proper sourcing of reference materials is used and included if previously missed. Referencing original content creators is important to us.
  • Some content may use ChatGPT to generate outlines and expand individual section ideas. A human reviews any generated content for accuracy.
  • Canva may be used to help create post images.


Please report any issues to ian@littlebluehouse.ca.