HR Partners List

Calling all Human Resource Professionals!

We’re working to build a network and community of HR Pros so we can collaborate with each other, learn from each other, and grow. As our HR consultancy grows we may also need to hire a few good HR pros or send out work to available HR Consultants as sub-contractors.

HR Collaboration

Two heads are better than one! We can always use the advice of another HR Pro when dealing with difficult issues or situations. Maybe we can even work together on new and exciting projects!

HR Learning

This would be valuable for new and experienced HR Pros alike. As they say on Grey’s Anatomy “See one, do one, teach one!” New HR Pros can see one and do one while experienced HR Pros can teach one.

HR Consultant Growth

Partners on this list and in the network will have opportunities to grow. If any members have extra work that they need to subcontract out it can be sent out on the list. This is a creative way of capacity building for all our HR Consultancies or just picking up some part-time HR work.

Disclaimer *Please Read*

By joining this list, you agree to receive information, requests, questions, work/contract opportunities, and news from the members and partners. Joining this list is not a guarantee for receiving work or making money.

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HR Manager, Recruiter, HR Business Partner, HR Assistant, etc.
There is no guarantee of extra work.