How Often Should Employees Be Evaluated?

How Often Should employees be evaluated

Determining how often your employees should be evaluated is dependent on a few things. First, how easy is your evaluation form? Second, how much time do you need to give support to correct issues? Third, are you dealing with a new employee? Fourth, is the data you are generating useful? Read below to learn more.

How to Create an Easy Employee Evaluation Form?

How to create an easy employee evaluation form

To create an easy employee evaluation form, you need to put some thought into primarily what questions you will use. The questions should be simple, general, consistent, matter, and scorable so they can be tracked. In this article, I will guide you through these different areas.

Easy Employee Review Process

Easy Employee Review Process

Creating an easy employee review process depends on speed, simplicity, high frequency, and trackability. Employees and managers should enjoy the process or at least not dread it. In this article, we will explore these points.