Top HR Tips

Here are some top HR tips for small businesses! These are compiled and updated regularly by Human Resource Professional Ian Hopfe. We are real HR and Business Consultants check out our business info and reviews on Google here!

Employee Issues

Many business owners have employee issues that take up their time and lead to other systemic issues within the organization. For instance, employees can be late to work or perform below expectations causing a decrease in sales or customer service levels. Above all, as the owner or manager, you want your business to prosper with happy hard working employees. The following list can help!

HR Tips List

  1. Happy employees equal happy customers and clients.
  1. Hire and retain employees who encourage a positive work culture and environment.
  1. Reward good behaviour, don’t punish bad.
  1. If you need to create policies, keep them really simple.
  1. Micromanaging your employees does not demonstrate trust.
  1. Help employees to work better, not harder or faster.
  1. Involve all your employees whenever you can.
  1. Don’t expect your employees to act like owners.
  1. For chronic employee problems, look to yourself as the owner or manager first.
  1. You are not alone when dealing with HR issues; seek advice.

Do You Need More Clarification and Help With The Tips?

Changing a work culture or environment can be very hard and can take a long time. Therefore, Ian has also written a guidebook that clarifies each tip. In other words, this will help you to better understand each HR tip so you can implement any changes properly.

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