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We thank you for submitting your job ad information to our Alberta local passive recruitment and headhunting service!

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Now we will add your job ad information to our database of local Alberta job hunters. We may also contact you requesting more information about your needs. Continue your normal candidate search process.

If We Find a Suitable Candidate?

We will contact you with the basic details of the candidate. Along with that will be a contract for you to sign allowing us to move forward with the interview process. If you hire our recommended candidate you will be required to pay our service fee at that time.

Job Ad Posting Service

Expand and Speed Up Your Candidate Search! In addition to the passive search of our candidate database, we offer this Job Ad Posting Service. For only $49 you get:

  • Your job ad will be sent directly to our growing Local Alberta Job Hunters List
  • We will post your job ad to all our social media sites with over 10,000 followers (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.)
  • We will even create a 60-second #Short for our YouTube channel about your job ad

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