Hierarchy of Employee Needs 

Hierarchy of Employee Needs

A good way to help your organization grow and to create loyal employees is by applying Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs to your employee’s needs.

You need to address basic needs like paying a living wage for your area, paying higher than industry-standard wages, and automatically increasing wages with the cost of living each year.

You need to address psychological needs by having good benefits, a good work environment, merit pay increases, and regular recognition of good work.

You need to address self-fulfillment needs by offering internal promotions for career advancement, regular training, and least importantly one-time bonuses or perks.

What Is The Role Of Human Resources?

The Role of Human Resources Diagram

The human resource department or advisor(s) have three main roles in an organization that encompass all HR functions. First, the role of human resources is to advise and give leadership training to owners, managers, and supervisors. The second is to support and give soft skills training to employees. The third is to give feedback and help with the strategic development of the organization.