Super Spice Smoothie Recipe

Good For Your Health and Weight Loss!

All the health information on this page is based on real science and fact! My primary source is Dr. Michael Gregor and his book How Not to Die which can be found on Amazon.

My Super Spice Smoothie recipe consists of two main spices Turmeric and ground Flax Seeds. There are also seven supporting spices ground Chia Seeds, ground Ginger, ground Ceylon Cinnamon, ground Amla, ground black Pepper, ground Cloves, and ground Nutmeg. Read more below as I explain the hows and whys of this smoothie!

My Story

My name is Ian, I’ve been on a health journey for a long time. I’ve been overweight my whole adult life and about six years ago I was diagnosed with diabetes. Right away the doctors put me on daily insulin injections, I felt like my life was ending.

I was depressed at first but I decided to fight to get my life back. I have spent time learning and clearing away all the “health noise”. I’m no longer on insulin and finally starting to lose weight.

Now that I’m in my forties, I wish what I know now I knew when I was fifteen. One of the major things I have changed in my life is making sure I get a lot of antioxidants. This super spice smoothie does the job for me!

To Blend or Not to Blend

I drink this no blender needed Super Spice Smoothie every morning as part of my breakfast. Being the lazy person I am; this takes out the blender and the need to clean it! LOL

Although, you may be a very busy person so the no blender option may also be great for you. That being said, I do own a blender so I can do “Option 1” of my recipe below. Blended with berries makes this smoothie recipe just divine.

If you need a blender I highly recommend the Ninja brand blender with all it’s cool blades and it’s way cheaper than say a high end Vita-mix but does similar quality blending. You can find the exact Ninja blender I have but newer on Amazon.

My Ninja Blender
My Ninja Blender


All the spices listed below can be added to your regular smoothies for the added antioxidant boost!

I’m really surprised that more smoothie recipes don’t use spices! In other words, no matter what smoothie recipe you are using you should always add some spices.

The spices and seeds in the list of ingredients below are extremely high in antioxidants. If you would like to learn more about the power of antioxidants you should read a couple of these books from Amazon.

Consequently, there are more antioxidants in the ingredients list below than most Americans get in a week of nutrition! Imagine if you take in this many antioxidants every day! How healthy do you think you can be?

If you’re on a great weight loss plan like this smoothie diet here (click and watch video to learn more) you can boost your health and wight loss results just by adding spices.

Get Them and Grind Them

Don’t worry if you don’t have all these spices and seeds; I have added a link to them on Amazon for your convenience to order. Whole spices do last longer so it may be better to order whole spices and seeds when you can for longer shelf life.

Grinding the spices and seeds is important to unlock the antioxidants, healthy oils (Flax Seeds) and other health benefits (Chia Seeds). So, if you need to grind you should get a spice grinder to help you out and that can also be found on Amazon.

I love the smell of ground spices in the morning!

My Spice & Seed Grinder
My Spice & Seed Grinder (and my hand! LOL)


Use a lidded cup like the blender ball cup in the picture below that you can shake.

You can find these blender ball mixing cups on Amazon. I recommend that you buy several so you can put them in the dishwasher. A blender cup with a wire ball used for protein shakes works best.

Fill cup with soy, almond, or your favourite non-dairy milk. Add spices, seal cup, and shake for 10-30 seconds. Drink and enjoy!

Super Spice Smoothie
Super Spice Smoothie in a Blender Ball Cup

Alternative Optional 1:

Pour over 1/2 to 1 cup frozen berries (or blend) to make an even higher antioxidant cold treat!

Add a Pinch to Dash of Ground Cardamon (Helps antioxidant absorption with/like the Black Pepper).

If you’re traveling or wanting a boost of berries at work consider getting some dried berries and these can also be found on Amazon.

Alternative Optional 2:

Heat milk to almost boiling in a pot, add spices, whisk in pot for a minute, then pour in mug, and enjoy as a hot drink.

The heat may bring out more of the antioxidants of the spices.

If you’re looking to be convenient and fancy, you can get a milk warmer and frother from Amazon also!


All ingredients are optional! You can adjust amounts to taste as needed. Have fun with it!

Nine Ground Spices & Seeds


NOTE: All amounts are based on a recommended daily dose for good health*. So, if you have more than one smoothie per day you can split up the amounts based on the number of smoothies.

  • 2 cups (or more) of soy, almond, or non-dairy milk
  • 1 teaspoon to 1 tablespoon Ground Turmeric (*Cardiovascular Disease Fighter, Cancer Fighter, Diabetes Fighter, Inflammatory Bowel Fighter, Lupus Fighter, Faster Surgery Recovery, & Inflammation Fighter)
  • 1 tablespoon Ground Flax Seeds (*High Fibre, Lowers Cholesterol, Weight Reducer, Blood Pressure Reducer, & Cancer Fighter) WARNING: The high fibre may give you gas so if you don’t already eat a lot of fibre slowly increase this over a week or two.
  • 1 teaspoon to 1 tablespoon Ground Chia Seeds (*High Fibre & High in Omega-3) WARNING: The high fibre may give you gas so if you don’t already eat a lot of fibre slowly increase this over a week or two.
  • 1 teaspoon Ground Ginger (*Diabetes Fighter, Liver Fat Fighter, Pain Reducer, & Inflammation Fighter)
  • Dash to 1 teaspoon Ground Ceylon Cinnamon (*High in Antioxidants, Anti-microbial, Anti-fungal, Antiviral, Anti-tumour, Blood Pressure Reducer, and Lowers Cholesterol)
  • Dash to 1 teaspoon of Ground Amla (*Very high in antioxidants, Diabetes Fighter, & Lowers Cholesterol)
  • Pinch to 1/4 teaspoon of Black Pepper (*Helps the absorption of Turmeric by up to 2,000%, Cancer Fighter, & Inflammation Fighter)
  • Pinch to Dash of Ground Cloves (*High in Antioxidants, & Inflammation Fighter)
  • Pinch to Dash Ground Nutmeg for taste (*High in antioxidants do NOT take more than 2 teaspoons at one time)

Start Your Spicy Weight Loss Journey

Thank you for your interest in my supper spices smoothie recipe! If you’re interested in living healthy and if you’re a women needing a rapid weight loss solution click the link and watch the video.

*Health Source