Social Media Management, Does Your Business Need it?

Social Media

Naturally, we can all agree that every business needs some form of a social media presence. The world has changed a lot since the advent of the Internet but do you need Social Media Management or Social Media Manager?

We now have a generation of people that don’t know what it’s like not to have the Internet. This cultural shift has some people excited and some people scared as humans integrate this technological tool into our daily lives.

Business and Social Media

At first social media was a place for people to connect. As social media grew it became the perfect place for businesses to connect with people. Each business needs to make a plan as to how they will use social media for connecting to people. Selling, information sharing, and recruitment are major reasons to connect with people.

Your Business

As a business owner, you need to decide how you will use social media. As noted above it could be used for selling directly to your customers. You could be a business that does not sell to the general public so you may only need to share information with people. Any organization that has employees has to find new employees somehow, so maybe you’ll use social media to create a good reputation to attract good workers. Depending on your business you may have or need creative ideas on how to use social media to your benefit.

Time and Options

As a business owner or manager, you may not have the time to learn about social media. Each social media website is different and is used for different reasons by businesses. Taking the time to learn social media could be a major drain on your current productivity. This could even create a slow down of business and reduced profits.

Skill and Business

As a business owner, you are an expert at what you do but no one is an expert at everything. It’s okay to delegate tasks to other people and even hire new employees or contractors that are experts in other areas. Click here to check out some books on social media management that may help if you want to do it yourself.

Long Term Community

Some people think creating a social media presence as a quick process to generate needed business but this is not true. Social media is a long term process that builds over the years, is about creating a community of followers and supporters, and is the evolution of word of mouth if done correctly. A business owner or manager must be prepared for a long term road to success.

Social Media Manager

You can hire a full-time Social Media Manager but do you have enough work for this person? As you build your social media there may only be an hour or two of work each day or week. It may not be wise to overcommit in your first few years of business because of this possible lack of work. An independent contractor may be all you need. As this is not a position that is a customer-facing role in the traditional sense they can be a major support for your sales team but can be a large overhead cost to a small business. It can be beneficial knowing that you can make a short term business decision that will not have you change as needed.

Caution and Guts

With all business decisions, you need to weigh the pros and cons of social media. Although, we know that social media is here to stay because it’s becoming an integral part of daily life. Will you be left behind?

Little Blue House

We here at Little Blue House Business Services would love your social media management business! We take the hard work out of learning social media, give you the time to use your expertise to run your business, take a risky long term business decision and turn it into a low risk shorter-term decision. You get support for your business building efforts with peace of mind that you don’t have another thing to worry about.

The Investment

This is a great starter plan for a small business just starting out in social media. For a small monthly investment of only $650 Canadian per month Little Blue House will:

  • Set up social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google My Business as needed,
  • Create simple daily social media posts,
  • Post to social media on weekdays,
  • Create a 500-1,000 word (SEO) blog to your website each month, and
  • Respond to comments on your social media each weekday. (This not 24-hour monitoring.)

Contact Ian Hopfe today at or 780-236-2568 to get started.