Recruitment and Headhunting Service

LBH Business Services Inc. will take your current employee needs and help match you to a candidate from our Alberta Job Hunters list.

Passive Recruitment Service

This is a passive recruitment and headhunting service so we are always looking. Each time you have a new position open please submit your info and job ad to help us search. We advise you to continue your normal recruitment process as this is just a supplement to that process.

No Up-Front Fees

We do not charge you any up-front fees for this service. If we find a suitable candidate we will send you the candidate details, our service contract, and fee schedule. Our fees are 10% of the first-year salary of the candidate you hire through us.

Alberta Local

As we are experts in human resources and the job market in Alberta so we specialize in Alberta employers. We’re based in Edmonton and service all of Alberta.

Indigenous Diversity

LBH Business Services Inc. is 50% Indigenous-owned! We have a lot of connections to Indigenous people and organizations in northern Alberta. If you are looking to build diversity in your workforce then we can help.

Disclaimer *Please Read*

You agree that by submitting your information below that you are allowing LBH Business Services Inc. to conduct a passive candidate search for your organization. You also agree that if a candidate is found you will be required to sign a contract detailing the service and fees. Finally, you agree to receive periodic e-mails from LBH Business Services Inc. in relation to human resources, recruitment, and relevant partner information.

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