Market Research for HR App

We are developing a new self-help human resource application for small business owners. We are doing a market research survey and would like to hear your honest answers about human resources in small business.

taking survey

Market Research

This app could be a first step a small business owner may take or access to get HR help before needing to ask a specific question or hiring an HR professional. Therefore we need as much info about your HR needs as small business owner as we can get.

Download Survey in Word format


Print then circle OR highlight and save your answers for each question. Then e-mail back a photocopy/picture OR the Word file back to You can also send back an e-mail with the question number and your answers for each. Thank you!

Thank you!

As we get started with this project I would like to thank each person that helps with market research. Any good and lasting business idea depends on the initial market research that is done. To get us started in developing this HR App I’m taking an online course with Startup Edmonton.