Economy of Stuff

Accumulation of Stuff; Time to Ruckify

When we purchased our house about 8 years ago I didn’t realize all the “stuff” we would need, so I’m happy to find Ruckify. We didn’t need just some new furniture because we moved from a one bedroom apartment to a 3 bedroom house. We needed more because it’s a house we own; suddenly things need fixing, the yard needs work, the new spaces need design, and so on. We accumulated a wealth of “stuff” making us house poor. Most of this stuff we might use one time a year or worse, we only used it one time.

Sell, Sell, Sell!

Over the last couple of years I have been trying to declutter and clean house. First we decide if we need something. If not we put in in the basement or garage to see if we bring it back for use within a few months. After that I know I can sell it. Most of the time when things sell, I posted them for a very fair price but people always want them cheaper. I really hate that!

These things are not that important to me any more but we did pay full price for most things and they are mostly in really good shape. Things no longer use to me but what of the money we put into it? It’s it fair that I get properly compensated for a used item that is still brand new? I feel a little ripped off when selling items online.

Changing Economy

So many things are changing in our economy! The rise of the Gig Economy as we start to make money from the things we love. The move from a Linear Economy, to a Recycling Economy, finally to a Circular Economy; as pointed out by Over Grow The System. The realization that an economy can’t grow forever but it can thrive and support everyone. The push for Universal Basic Income in light of the world wide COVID-19 pandemic. Rutger Bregman talks about Universal Basic Income in his TEDx Talk. Imagine if you had a basic income that allowed you to fully immerse yourself into a life you truly love!

Need to Do Good

I’m an environmentalist and budding minimalist. I always want to do good but there are a lack of options. When I buy stuff it sill has al kinds of extra packaging. When I buy stuff there are no green alternatives. When I’m done with stuff some I can recycle but most goes to the landfill. The options to do good are few. People must search for options like garage sales and selling at online marketplaces. Some reselling options are sketchy and outright unsafe!

Circular Economy

I’m always on  the lookout for circular economy options. Green production, economical packaging or shipping, local in nature if possible, and something that can be easily reused, resold,…or rented.

Rental Economy

Out of the dust of the 2008 recession came companies like AirBnB changing the travel and rental economies forever. No I have found another such company called Ruckify! Ruckify allows me to rent anything! Now this pile of stuff I have been trying to clear out of the house has second life. Granted I have to store it still but now even my extra lawn mower is an asset making me money!


I have setup a Ruckify store and begun to list all my stuff. It’s actually really fun! I find stuff, take some pictures of it, then place it with my other rental items, and then post it online. I feel like I’m getting paid to organize my house! I’m slowly building my virtual rental store as I discover new valuable assets around my house.

Treat your Ruckify Store or any online business you have as a real business. Online marketing, social media marketing, SEO blog writing, business networking, pay-per-click ads, building a proper sales funnel, and sales skills are important work to get you going. You cannot just build a website and hope people magically find it. You may even need more hands on training to learn all these skills so think about some sort of online training. I recommend ClickBank University!

Gratification from Ruckify

I’m not throwing stuff away. I’m not getting ripped off. I’m turning useless stuff into money making assets! This works great for me because I’m part of the Gig Economy working from home, so I have time to run a side hustle. I’m not going to get rich quick with this side hustle but I’m sure going to feel good about it! If I can make $500-$1,500 extra each month from stuff I may have thrown alway I’m doing great!