Top 5 Favourite Business & Self Help Books

What is the point of reading a book?

I feel the point of reading business and self-help books is to learn and keep you in a proper mindset. I’m not an expert on much so I have to learn when I can. I keep hearing that if you read 3 books on a topic you then know more about that topic than 95% of people. I don’t know how true that is but it sure makes me feel happy and smart!

Mindset may be more important than having the proper knowledge. If you’re doing something other than what your immediate peer group is doing then it will be hard for you to change. Friends don’t let friends change because we’re all comfortable and feel safe in that space/zone/mindset. So a good book can help keep you motivated in your goals if it’s not what your peers are doing.

How to Win Friends & Influence People

When I was on the local library board and the regional library board back in the mid-2000’s I would listen to “How to Win Friends & Influence People” in my truck. When you have a 2-4 hour drive to get to a meeting it’s always a good time to listen to a good book. This book really got me out of my introverted shell. I have listened to it multiple times, read it twice, and I should read it again soon.

Think & Grow Rich

I have read “Think & Grow Rich” twice and I need to read it more! One of the ideas from this book is to start a Mastermind Group; where like-minded people can help each other. I was part of the group like this and it was directly responsible for me getting a job because of the networking it generated for me.


Rich Dad Poor Dad

A very good book for making you think less about having a long term job or career and more about making true passive cash flow with the right ideas. Basically with “Rich Dad Poor Dad” you start to think like a rich person, not a poor person. No longer trying to win the lotto as you now know how to create your own luck. You can better understand your life based on 4 quadrants and a balance sheet.

The Magic of Thinking Big

This book will help you get out of the small thinking rut you’re in. If your goals are big or gigantic and you fail; chances are you’re doing better than most people! “The Magic of Thinking Big” really got me motivated when I finished high school and started my own business. As with most of these books I need to read it again!

The One Minute Millionaire

This I think is the most interesting of this list. There are two versions of “The One Minute Millionaire” printed on the odd or even pages! You can read the fictional story of a woman put in an impossible situation and the things she had to do to overcome it. On the flip side, you can read the non-fiction things the woman did to become a millionaire in such a short time.

Questions About My Book Picks?

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me!

What is your favourite business, selling, or self-help book? Comment below and let’s start a conversation! 

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