My employees are always taking sick days

My employees are always taking sick days

So, your employees are always taking sick days. This may be slowing work or causing you to find last-minute replacements. This can be a real issue as workloads are displaced among multiple employees. If your employees are always taking sick days don’t have a knee-jerk reaction and fire anyone. Use your performance improvement process more … Read more

My Employee Committed Suicide


First off, sorry for your loss. The unthinkable has happed and an employee has committed suicide. Consequently, there will now be ramifications rippling through your whole organization. That is to say, your employees are your second family and it has been traumatized. Above all, if you already have not done so please find and share … Read more

My Employee is Angry at Me

my employee is angry at me

If your employee is angry at you there could be multiple reasons. Although, some of these reasons may be your fault some may not be. Therefore, in either case, you need to have an honest open conversation with the employee. After that, make sure you earnestly try to take action to solve the issues. Above all, even if you can’t fix a problem, you have shown with this honest open conversation that you care about your employee. In conclusion, this process will help you build back trust.

What Is The Role Of Human Resources?

The Role of Human Resources Diagram

The human resource department or advisor(s) have three main roles in an organization that encompass all HR functions. First, the role of human resources is to advise and give leadership training to owners, managers, and supervisors. The second is to support and give soft skills training to employees. The third is to give feedback and help with the strategic development of the organization.