How to Create an Easy Employee Evaluation Form?

How to create an easy employee evaluation form

To create an easy employee evaluation form, you need to put some thought into primarily what questions you will use. The questions should be simple, general, consistent, matter, and scorable so they can be tracked. In this article, I will guide you through these different areas.

Easy Employee Review Process

Easy Employee Review Process

Creating an easy employee review process depends on speed, simplicity, high frequency, and trackability. Employees and managers should enjoy the process or at least not dread it. In this article, we will explore these points.

Top Ways to Create a Good Work Environment

Top Ways to Create a Good Work Environment

The top ways to create a good work environment are to create simple but direct policies, do employee reviews, do management reviews, do employee engagement surveys, create job descriptions, create pay grids, and do training. Each one of these will take research and time for you to implement but we will touch on these for the rest of this article.

What Is a Good Work Environment?

What is a good work environment

A good work environment is one that subjectively and positively answers three main questions about wage, support, and how you feel. Are you being paid fairly, are you getting the proper support, and do you feel good about it?

The New Disciplinary Process


The new disciplinary process is called a Performance Improvement Process. First, simple performance evaluations must be done regularly; monthly or quarterly. Second, there must always be a one-on-one meeting between the employee and supervisor after each evaluation. Third, support must be given to the employee to address issues. Finally, ongoing training must be offered to the employee to promote career growth.