6 Hyper-Local Advertising Ideas

All businesses need advertising and some methods don’t work for certain businesses. Each business owner or manager must do the research and/or do test advertising to see what works best for them. Hyper-local advertising is advertising that happens close to your brick and mortar business. This type of advertising may not work for a virtual business that does not have an office or storefront.

Hyper-Local Advertising

The following are five hyper-local advertising ideas that may help your brick and mortar business attract local customers!

#1 Flyer Drop Off

Keep it simple to start!

Take a walk through your local neighbourhood dropping off flyers at residential homes and other local businesses. This does not have to be fancy or expensive. The cost of printing and regular paper. If you can fit two or more flyers on one page then a 500-page bundle of paper will get you into 1,000 or more homes.

You can make these your self (like I say they don’t have to be fancy) or you can contact a local print company. I love supporting other local businesses even if it costs a bit more!

#2 Local Partners

Connect with other local businesses or any community organizations nearby. You want to offer to help them by putting their card at your till or giving them a shoutout on your social media. If they don’t reciprocate that is okay because it still makes you look good!

#3 Next Level Local Partners

Offer a discount at your business if people bring in a recent receipt from another nearby local business or organization. If a person has a membership to an organization you support like the community league, Lions Club, Legion, 4-H, Girl Guides, or a gym your costumers can show their membership card to get a discount at your business. Naturally, keep the discount to what you can really afford.

#4 Google My Business & Maps

Claim your business on Google Maps!

This is so vital in today’s connected society. When you look at Google Maps local businesses may show if they have been around for a while. If your business is new it may not be showing yet or worse it’s showing the previous business at your location! Get in there and update your info like description, hours, phone number, e-mail, website, etc. This will also allow you to respond to your Google Reviews!

When you do this Google will verify your address by sending you a code in the mail. When you get this code your changes will go live.

#5 Coffee News

Print media advertising is not dead…at least not in the hyper-local market. Most likely you know about or have read the Coffee News yourself. It’s the brown one-page newspaper with the horoscope and trivia questions at your local restaurant or doctor’s office. Coffee News has a high readership because people will read it then put it back for the next person!

Picture of the Coffee News North Central Edmonton Edition

Benefits to Hyper-Local Advertising in Coffee News:

  • Exclusivity – Book your category before your competitor does!
  • Visibility – Your ad is on the front or the back never lost in the middle.
  • Hyper-Local Target Market – Your ad is seen by people out and about with discretionary money. 
  • New Clients/Customers – Coffee News is everyone’s “favourite little paper” so new people to your community will immediately pick it up.

#6 Influencer Hunting (New for 2021)

This is a follow-up to #4 above and I heard it on TikTok @ian_the_best_hopfe.

Anytime a customer posts a picture of themselves in your business and tags your social media, contact them and give them a discount or something free the next time they come in.

“Hi, Thanks for sharing a pic of our business! Next time you come in there will be a $5 off coupon for you!”

You may have to do a little hunting to find them but they will be excited to get something free. So they will come in again and post more photos of your business.

Are You Too Busy for Hyper-Local Advertising?

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